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Saturday, September 1, 2007

The Secret of Wanting


Anonymous said...

Video is great if you wish to conform to a monetary system of living, abandoning your thoughts and abolishing question while in turn fitting in like everyone else. This video should be entitled "The How To Guide: Conforming to 'The Man'." Focusing your thoughts on only what you want will get you what you want faster, as you are more dedicated to it. However, we need to look at this appropriately. We need change, we want change... so if you want out of debt, you have to eliminate the bank, if you want serenity and peace, you need to eliminate your stresses... how bout your job, driving, flying, the pollution, skin,etc. either way, you need to completely eliminate them, not dwell within them trying to focus on how you love your shit job, how you bullshit how you look... these mean nothing. Those are related to money, getting it and spending it: the monetary system. Eliminate jobs, take in nature, and seek true human capability. We are withheld from out potential as human beings due to cost. Imagine where society and the human life could be if money wasn't a factor. To stop ranting, this video is a way to conform. You may be happy in the short run, but within 20 - 30 years, without drastic change, your evaluation of yourself within that time frame will show that you have made no progress. This film indicates that you should focus on anything and everything that makes you happy, because if you are so focused on what you want at such a current rate, you will feed on what is handed to you without questioning it. Don't blind yourself with what is already given. Seek today's problems, question them, and eliminate them from your life on a greater stage.